Friday, July 11, 2008

2 1/2 Weeks Behind, Will I Ever Catch Up??

Life has been awfully busy here. I am ready for it to slow down, way down. I have been shopping with the best of you but unable to keep up with how much I spent where and when. I do have a few pictures but without all the details they would be awfully boring. Here are a few highlights. Last week I bought $200 in groceries for $59!!! That is quite possibly my best deal ever. Here is the greatest part in it, I was able to get 56 bottles of Sobe Life Water FREE!!! Well, a few cents in tax, but free!! How you ask? Well, Bi-Lo had them on sale for 10/$10. The wonderful Pepsi guy so kindly stuck 50 cent coupons on some of the bottles. Bi-Lo doubles coupons up to 60 cents which means those coupons equalled $1, the cost of the water!! Yay for DH!! He has lots of work water for these hot, hot days we are in the midst of!
Also in the list of greats, I made $7 in ECBs at CVS on the last day of June! I forget all the logistics, but here is a pic of my bargains, costing me less than $1 out of pocket!

Those Dora vitamins were just 82 cents!! I love CVS clearance carts! More great deals to come, I plan on hitting CVS one more time this week!

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