Saturday, July 12, 2008

My baby is turning 2

It amazes me how quickly time goes by. My youngest DD will be 2 in just a couple weeks. I've had in mind a zoo party for a while but I have just gotten on the ball about getting things together. She loves elephants and so I had planned on centering the theme of the party around those ginormous creatures. I was browsing Target the other night when I found the cutest plates and napkins in the baby shower section, they have little elephants and giraffes with a blue/pink/green/yellow color scheme. Very cute. So then the rusty creative wheels in my brain started turning. She would need a dress to wear for her birthday. First I checked GAP where I found that once upon a time not so very long ago they had just what I needed. I found cute things on EBAY but wasn't willing to pay those high prices. So I headed to Hobby Lobby, bought material and made the perfect party dress!

I learned how to make pillowcase dresses last spring. I love how they look and are so simple to make! This was my first attempt at embroidery and sadly you can tell, but I am so very happy the dress.

So is DD!


Lisa said...

Hi Becky,
Thanks for the comments on my blog. I live in suburban Atlanta. (We still consider ATL North Georgia!). So, I have lots of fabric/quilt stores. I sometimes get fabric at Hobby Lobby like you mentioned. They have quilt shop quality fabric. I am not sure if Ringold, GA is near you, but there is a cute shop there. I hope to get some new sewing projects posted soon so check back.--Lisa

Lisa said...

Hey Becky,
One more thing. I was looking at your blog, and I love the Fireproof ad. I'd like to put that on my blog. We LOVED Facing the Giants. Let me know how I can advertise for that movie. I am enjoying your blog--adding it to my favorites.

Becky said...

Ringgold is about 20 minutes from me, so not too far. I will have to check it out.
If you click on the "Sharing" link on the Fireproof ad it will give you a link that you can post onto your blog. Let me know if need help with that part.
Thanks for the add!

JenIG said...

good heavens, that is DARLING!!!

Winnie Spann said...

LOVE the dress! I can't believe DD2 is 2! I mean I can because my Jack will be 2 in a month...ahh! I can still remember when they were both so tiny and sweet! Anyway - the dress is great and the attempt at applique was great too! So let's do some bartering.....I'll monogram or applique for you if you will give me some personalized bargain shopping lessons!! I just can't get it!!