Saturday, July 12, 2008

Date Night

DH and I have been talking forever about how we need to alternate date nights with the girls so that they each get a lil one on one time with us. Tonight, DD1 and I did just that and we had a great time! First stop was to the movies to see Kit Kittredge, An American Girl. What a great movie! It was very cute and taught a great lesson about helping others and being thankful for what you have. DD loved it and couldn't stop talking about it.
After that we made a quick trip to the mall to pick up something and then we went to Starbucks. She had a chocolate milk and lemon cookie, I had a mocha frap and cream cheese danish -- YUM! We talked more about the movie and shared our desserts.
Talking to DD1 is something I try to never take for granted. Two years ago we wondered if we would ever be able to sit down and have these candid conversations with her. This is about the time 2 years ago that she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She had very few words at the time and understanding basic requests was such a challenge. Frustrating for us to stay the least, but much more so for her. She works very hard in therapy though and has made dramatic improvements. Her speech therapist was very, very pleased with her last therapy session. Though we still don't understand even 80% of what she says it is truly a blessing to be able to hear and understand all of her innocent little 4 year old thoughts.
Tomorrow she is planning on sharing the rest of her lemon cookie with her little sister and telling her all about the movie. That is what it is all about ....

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