Monday, July 14, 2008

I'll never share my secret ....

Look at these great shots we got of a visiting butterfly a week or so ago, he was rather cooperative.

If it looks a little staged, well, it was. This little butterfly was still alive though, we were trying to nurture him back to health but it seems it may have been too late for that. DH works for a company treating trees & shrubs and found the little fellow while he was out. He place him in a cup and brought him home to show off to the girls. They thought the butterfly was beautiful. We took the lovely winged creature out and placed him on a daisy thinking he would be ever so grateful and flutter away, instead he just sat there. Slowly he opened and closed his wings but he never took flight. We moved him to the hydrangea thinking blue might be his color of choice but he still just kinda sat there. We thought maybe he might be a little shy and left him to his own. When we returned several hours later he was gone.... well partially.
But, it was pretty while it lasted!!

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