Thursday, July 17, 2008

Moo--volous, Absolutely Moo-volous!

Did y'all dress up to get free food at Chick-fil-a last Friday? Being that I love anything cheap, but especially anything free I decided not to pass this one up. It started with just making outfits for my girls. I made white pillowcase dresses for them and let them paint black spots on them. I picked up some white with black polk-a-dots ribbon at Hobby Lobby to tie them up with.

They had so much fun! Unfortunately the dresses were placed out in the warm sunshine to dry and a sudden swift storm (alliteration .. Mrs. Lawly would be proud) washed away all the cow spots. Take two: We used washable markers inside yielding the same cute cow clothing! I then took a permantent marker and drew spots on white ribbon for their ears and tail. I also made ears (ribbon tied to a headband) and a tail for myself. I put the cow spot stickers chick-fil-a gave away on white t-shirts for dh and I and he wore the cow hat.

Here are the mini-cows on their way to get free food!

The whole herd!

DD1 with the Chick-fil-a cow, DD2 was terrified of the cow getting too close to her. From a safe distance she was friendly, just stay on the other side of the place and we'll be good!

Oh, and I almost forgot. This Chick-fil-a was having a contest and our family won! They picked our family herd picture as the grand prize winner! Our prize ... free milkshakes! YUM

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