Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My baby will be turning three on Saturday! In some ways it feels like she has been here forever but part of me can't believe that she will actually be three in just three days!
I remember being pregnant with her ... I was really sick. A lot. You know, like 29 of the 38 weeks that I was pregnant with her. I was scared. I had such a crazy delivery with my first that I was paranoid. A few months before I was to deliver we found out that our first born had cerebral palsy as a result of said crazy delivery. Now I was really nervous. Just ask my ultrasound tech. I've never been so interested in where one's umbilical cord was located. But when the time came, and it came early because it was thought that her cord was indeed wrapped around her neck, everything was fine. Well, aside from me absolutely going insane as they strapped me to the table for my c-section (did you know that those meds could literally make one crazy?? thanks blood pressure for bottoming out on me ... i needed that), it was completely normal. And strange. I held her right away. She got to come straight to my room from the OR. I held her and snuggled her and then yelled for my friend to get her quick so I could throw up (did you know those meds would make you insanely nauseous and make your face itch so bad that you look like a complete druggie??). But I recovered and she was easy. She was just happy to be here, and I was happy she was here, too.

Now, she is (almost) three. She's not as easy as she used to be. She's quite the character. She has the craziest things to say and is very comical. And smart. Too smart. And she's cute and very happy to be holding up three fingers in the near future. I love that baby. I'm glad she's mine and that God blessed us very richly with her three years ago.

Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm back ... I think

OK, so I really do have some part of me that wants to blog but the good Lord hasn't seen fit to add any more hours to the day or days to the week just yet so I can't promise that I'll be a proficient blogger. However, I am really excited that Melissa at A Familiar Path is so kindly reading the camera manual for us and giving pointers on how to use a camera so I'm back to participate in her weekly sessions.
I missed last week getting ready for my baby's third birthday party. I have 2 cameras, a Sony Cybershot that I've had for 5 years (love this camera)and a Nikon P90 that I just upgraded to a few weeks ago. I suppose I never even opened the manual for the Cybershot. I just assumed I knew how to use it. I went out with some great college buddies Friday night and learned a few things about the cybershot. In five years I never knew it could take black and white photos. Sad. I can't find the Cybershot right now. Its a little game we play - it hides and I find it a week or so later. When I win I'll post those pics.
On to this week's lesson ... self timer and macro. I love the self timer and am pretty well aware of how to use it. On the Nikon I can turn on the smile recognition option and the camera won't snap the pic until it has detected that everyone is smiling.
This pic is the girls and me dressed up for the cow appreciation day at Chick fil A a few weeks ago taken with the Nikon, without the smile recognition but a 10 second delay.

I'm learning to use macro on the Nikon and I love it. I think it is pretty neat.

A pansy on the back porch

Three! Wow! I can't believe that on Saturday my baby will be 3!