Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I am Becky. I am 27 years old and am married to the most fabulous husband, Adam. We just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary just over a week ago. We have two gorgeous daughters here on earth, ages 4 & almost 2, and one precious little girl in heaven who went to be with her Creator at 19 weeks into my pregnancy. Our 4 year old has a mild form of ataxic cerebral palsy. She is very intelligent, beautiful, tenderhearted, silly, and well, wonderful! Our 21 month old daughter is a ball of fire! She has such a great personality; lots of energy, crazy sense of humor, brilliant. Maybe I am a bit biased, but really they are wonderful little girls.
I am a Christian. I was saved by God's grace at the age of 12. We belong to a wonderful independent baptist church where we have made many dear friends over the last 6 years. Everyday is another step heavenward. I know that I am bound for the kingdom and I cannot wait to go! I cannot wait to see my precious baby & hold her again, to meet my Savior face to face, to never hurt again.
My newest past time is saving money! Wow, I am totally addicted to CVS! I love couponing! I get such a high walking out the door of a store knowing I saved our family some major moo-lah. I enjoy scrapbooking, sewing, quilting, baking/decorating cakes, working in the yard ... ya know, anything Martha Stewartish.
Welcome to my blog! I hope you can stop by often and say hello!

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