Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hawaiian Tropic Response

Thank you for contacting us regarding your interest in Hawaiian Tropic Ozone Sport Citrus lip Balm SPF45+. The product is not recalled and it is still available.

Sincerely, Hawaiian Tropic Consumer Affairs

So this is supposed to be a wordless Wednesday but I wanted to share the response I got from Hawaiian Tropic. I guess I can call CVS back and ask them to explain further. I'm sure they still won't do anything about it, but I guess it won't hurt to try.

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sweet ♥ pink said...

Hey I tried to get the lip balm's and I couldnt find any. (and I checked two stores) the store closest to my work always has a plentiful supply of everything, so i am wondering if they have just taken these off the shelves everywhere? I see your reponse from Hawaiian Tropic, so that is really interesting? Do you mind me asking where in the store you found the lip balms? was it with all the regular Hawaiian Tropic tanning stuff? this is where I have been looking- and I also looked in the lip balm section of the store- none. so sad, but I will check all the stores in my area.