Friday, May 16, 2008

CVS Deals & Other wonderful bargains!

Here is my CVS Superstar rundown for Denise over at The Centsible Sawyer. You can be a CVS Superstar too, we are famous!

This picture is not a true representation of everything for I cannot even remember for the life of me exactly what all I bought this week. My deals are all running together. I did the Hershey's deal, and lots of toothpaste deals, and I still want to get another photobook. I know that it cost me less than $5 out of pocket total and that I still have atleast $20 in ECBs to keep me rolling. I did try the Hawaiian Tropic lip balm again at another store tonight and I was blocked yet again.

Tonight though I was very happy with the jackpot of Burt's Bees goodies that I found on clearance; full size diaper cream (72 cents), lip balm (32 cents), & peppermint shower soap (25 cents). Also on the clearance table I found a 3 pack Cobalt gum for 99 cents and a pack of dumdums & a pack of wax bottles for 24 cents each (DDs treats for being so pleasant and patient during that first trip to CVS). Tonights deals also included the Shick intuition (song is now running through my head), more toothpaste, tums & 5 12 packs of coca-cola products. This week has proven to be very fruitful for me.

In otherly news about saving money I went to Food Lion and bought groceries for the first time ever this week. Thanks again to Denise for sharing the coupon love. I spent $20 which bought 4 packs of yogurt, 1 pack kraft cheese singles, deli chocolate chip cookies (free), deli chocolate cake (free), salad, Cover Girl lip slicks (free), a gerber sippy cup, and huggies clean team bath mits (2 boxes totaled 28 cents!). I think I will go back :)

Bi-Lo is doing their gas tokens deal again where 8 tokens gets you a $25 gas card. I went in with a goal to spend $50 & get one gas token. It ended up taking me an hour and a half to spend $50 and I left with 4 gas tokens!! Best deals included General Mills cereal for $1.25 a box (4 boxes earned 1 token & I bought 8), 15 bottles of Powerade for 50 cents each, & Huggies Lavendar body was less than a dollar.

I am very pleased with my shopping experiences this week. How did you do?


MARY-ANN said...

Wow... Looks like you had a good week minus the HT Chapstick scenario. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

sweet ♥ pink said...

looks like you did awesome this week! I didnt post this week, but will again soon :)
dont you find it addicting to work out the cvs deals? that was awesome you found all the burt's bee's stuff so cheap!