Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Coupon Venting

OK, so do any of y'all have trouble with coupons? Like alot of trouble?? CVS was just not working for me tonight! I went with the intention of finishing out May monthly deals and I wanted to use up some expiring coupons. I also had a raincheck to get the $10 ECBs from the Hawaiian Tropic deal but they would not honor the raincheck, said I would have to use it at the store that issued it. They also denied other coupons that were perfectly usable. I called customer service and they said that it was up to the store if they wanted to honor coupons or rainchecks. Bummer! Oh well, I did pretty well at CVS this morning. I was just hoping for another good run!
I also did not get the $3 in ECBs from the Revlon nail polish that I bought on Sunday. Apparently CVS was having technical difficulties when I called because he could not verify my purchase, he said to call back tomorrow.
OK, I'm done now.

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