Monday, September 27, 2010

She Represents the Lollipop Guild

Backing up from Christmas its time to start thinking about Halloween costumes.

Some years we coordinate costumes, some years we don't.
This year we are.

Aubrey wants to be Dorothy.  We already have the costume since for her very first Halloween she was Toto and Kennedy was Dorothy.

I asked Kennedy who she would want to be from The Wizard of Oz. There was talk of Glenda, there was talk of the Cowardly Lion, but in the end she decided that she would be a Lollipop Kid. We went to work designing the costume. She really did not care for the traditional custom of argyle and shorts. She asked if I could just make her a pillowcase dress (seems to be my specialty .. see here, here, and here) and she would wear some fun tights and have fun hair.

Pink. She specified pink. We went to work. I looked for tights but couldn't find any. Maybe I was looking in the wrong places. So we dug through my sock drawer and found these cute socks. They serve well as tights and became our inspiration.

After we had our color scheme going we went to Hobby Lobby (yay for JoAnn's opening Friday for more options!) to look for fabric. I already had pink so we picked up some orange and some ribbon for the dress and her hair.
I put together some ribbon-o's. That's not a terrific picture of the socks but there is a hint of red in them. I alternated pink, red and orange ribbons for the ribbon-o's. The red ribbon is tiny, I wanted to keep just a hint with orange and pink standing out.

Next I made a fabric lollipop. It was a bit challenging but I love the way it turned out. I used this tutorial for a fleece lollipop  as a guide. I layed out my stips of material, then cut it diagnonally as the tutorial says to do, and pieced them together in one long strip. I then sewed the strip right sides together to make a long tube, stuffed it with cotton and then rolled it. I started sewing it but I kept sticking myself with the needle. I decided that even though it is Halloween and all a blood stained lollipop would not do and brought out the hot glue gun. It worked like a charm and with no blood. I finished it like the tutorial says by clipping a hole in the bottom and inserting a dowel rod using hot glue. I took a clear treat bag, cut it size using pinking shears and then tied it off with leftover ribbon from the ribbon-o's. Makes me want a lollipop!

And finally the pillowcase dress! Orange polk-a-dots with red zig-zag stitching on a pink background. Hobby Lobby even had the perfect ribbon for the dress.

Now, put it all together and you have one very happy Lollipop Kid!

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LiEr said...

Becky, it turned out so nice! The whole outfit, not just the lollipop! Ah, if only I'd thought of using the glue gun for the lolly itself. Yes, I poked myself a fair number of times, too. I love that color combination of pink and orange - girly without being girly, you know? And I'm so envious that you can wear halloween costumes that don't require thinsulate or some kind of otherwordly insulation in order to avoid hypothermia. You must live in the good parts of the US!