Monday, September 20, 2010

Such a ...

Slacker   Stacker!

September has left me behind! I had intended on posting a draft post from the beginning of September 2009 but I didn't, again. After that I got so busy and my computer is still on the fritz and I just kept putting off blogging.

Lessons have continued to come from all corners!

We had homeschooling lessons:

We brushed up on classification. Who knew stacking cups would be relevant to zoology?

And went on a nature scavenger hunt with friends

I had a lesson in relaxation:

We joined up with a local Bible study on Wednesday mornings and are learning so much from our lessons on the names of God!

I can't wait to participate in this month's Create With Me project! I plan on getting my sewing machine out today after our lessons!!

What lessons have you learned lately?

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