Monday, December 1, 2008

Sewing is a past time I wish I had more time for ...

You know those people who get an idea in their head and you can't change it for anything once its there? I'm one of those people. Especially when it comes to crafty type things.
I got an idea to do pillowcase dresses with cute leggings. I saw a really cute one online but the material had to be ordered and was expensive, so I headed for plan b. First I would find leggings and then find material. No one had leggings! Finally Target got these cute ones in and that got the ball rolling.
I bought the material and made the dresses in one night. My super talented and very crafty friend, Winnie, monogrammed the dresses for me. I had a hard time finding the ribbon to tie them with but finally found that at Hobby Lobby. I bought it all :)
Button cover kit courtesy of WalMart and my feeble attempt at hand emroidery birthed the hairbows.
We are offically ready for Christmas!


Becky said...

Very, very cute!

Amber said...

Those are so adorable! Your girls look so cute. I've been meaning to make a pillowcase dress for my daughter, but just haven't found the time to do it.