Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September's Create with Me: Fabric Pumpkins

Oooo, I love fall! I love pumkins! I don't love to eat pumpkins or pumpkin flavored food. I do love the smell of pumpkins and fall and the crisp air! Its finally starting to feel like fall here. Well, according to my kids it feels "wintery." That's what happens when it drops from 100* to 70* overnight.

When Kari announced this month's project on UCreate I was super excited! I used some leftover fabric from last month's table runner and some extra fabric I had bought for that project but ended up not using. I used leftover ribbon from this project. I used this tutorial for creating my pumpkins. It was seriously so easy! I had all three complete from gathering fabric to placing them on the shelf in under an hour.

Do you decorate for fall? What's your favorite part of autumn?

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