Saturday, January 29, 2011

One Hundred Flowers & an Art Lesson

We continued reading and browsing books from our 100th Day of School book list this week. We focused mainly on One Hundred Flowers a collection of art by Georgia O'Keeffe.

We've looked through the book nearly every day. The pictures are amazing. We learned a little about Georgia O'Keeffe's background with Usborne's The Children's Book of Art.

After getting some background on the artist we turned our attention to her subjects - flowers. We talked about the main parts of the flower - roots, stem, leaves, and flower. The girls colored and labeled a simple diagram.

Since we were learning so much about the style of painting Georgia O'Keeffe used, mostly abstract, and the types of painting she did, mostly oil on canvas but also watercolors and pastels, we flipped through The Children's Book of Art and learned about another style of painting - pointillism.
I printed out a  watermarked copy of Georgia O'Keeffe's Sunflower. This allowed the girls to paint the same picture a little more accurately.

They used their knowledge of pointillism to create the center of the sunflower using q-tips and then used a paint brush to finish out the petals, stem and leaves.

Looking at the original for inspiration.

Concentrating on getting those dots right.

Outlining the petals.

The finished project, signed by the artists!

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