Saturday, January 22, 2011

100 Balloons

Today we got out the ball pit and filled it with 100 balloons! The girls were pretty excited!

They were having fun with the balloons; throwing them through the goal post and at each other

but were quickly realizing that they couldn't move without the balloons sticking to them ...

and in their hair ...

and to the walls. They rubbed the ballons on their heads and I lined them along the moulding. This led to a discussion about static electricy and what causes it. We watched a clip from Bill Nye the Science Guy on youtube and put the entire episode on hold at the library for next week.

Then we did an static electricity experiment:

Bending Water

Comb your hair with a straight comb. Turn the water on and let it run slowly, but with no breaks.

Hold your comb near the water and watch what happens.

We had fun with this for a while, then Aubrey and Haden went back to playing with the balloons.

And Kennedy worked on her science notebook.

Opposites attract - that's why the balloons will stick to you.
Likes repel - that's why your hair stands up on end.

Science Sunday


Phyllis said...

You got wonderful pictures of the comb experiment. I was not able to get photos when I did it so that you could really see the water bend. Great job!
I love the journal pages very much.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Terrific combination of science and play!

Ticia said...

I love the balloons on the wall, that is awesome.

My kids got to see this one day at church when the balloon they were playing with stuck way up on the wall and we couldn't get it down for a long time.

Thanks for joining up!