Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Me Update Week 1

This week has been pretty trying. I have lost a lot of sleep this week worrying over things that I cannot control and fretting over why people just can't do what is right.
Adam and I are reading Radical by David Platt. Amazing.

As I sat reading it the other night, I cried. Adam came in and asked me what chapter I was on.
"Chapter 4," I tell him.
"I just don't remember needing to cry over anything in chapter 4."

So why did I feel the need to cry?? Because it isn't about me!! Anything and everything that is done, that has been done and will ever be done is about GOD! Everything -- the good and the bad! I struggle so much with why bad things happen to good people. Why is it that when someone is trying their hardest to do what is right everything falls apart? Because God will get glory from it!
When Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego went into that fiery furnace it wasn't because of anything wrong they had done. In fact, they went in because they were doing what was right! God didn't allow them to go in that fire so that he could show them that he would protect them, they already believed that. God allowed them to go into the fire so that when they came out He would get the glory! And he did! That old wicked king changed his heart. He declared that everyone should worship God!
What really struck me, and I knew this but until you need to understand it you just really don't sometimes, those boys were doing what was right! They stood up for what they believed in and they wouldn't back down. Now if I were in control, well, I'd give them a cookie and usher them right on into comfiness. But then who would get the glory? Probably them. Because then everyone would say, Well, look .. they are getting what they deserve!
News flash -- God is SO much smarter than me!! His ways are higher than my ways!
So, I am learning! I am in a place where I have nothing else but God to lean on.

As for my goals -

I wrote in my gratitude journal nearly every night this week. I think 2 nights I fell asleep before I got to it.

I worked out all but 3 days. The lack of sleep is getting to me!
I am such a failure when it comes to water intake. At least one day I drank over 20 oz of water, that was a good day.
I did pretty good on the diet cokes, 2 days I had more than 2. Diet Coke makes me happy. That's all.
The good news:  I've lost 3 lbs this week!!! 3 pounds on the dot! Makes me want to try harder next week!

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Theresa said...

thank you for your honesty.

This has made me see that my anxiety is what often gets me on my knees, talking to God.

I pray that you and your family will be fine.