Saturday, November 6, 2010

My New Pretties

**GIVEAWAY!! Blooming Words giveaway can be found HERE!**

I mentioned previously that I am doing a Bible study on the names of God using Kay Arthur's book Lord, I Want to Know You. To say that it has been a blessing in my life does not even scratch the surface! I have so enjoyed being a part of MEMs (Moms Encouraging Moms) these last few months and getting to know my Lord better with these women. And on top of it my daughters are learning the names of God right along with me!

For the Christmas party this year the group is going to be making Christmas ornaments with the names of God on them. I missed the deadline for ordering the vinyl letters from the company they were using. Right after that Kari  at UCreate featured a new sponsor on her blog with a giveaway. Enter Blooming Words!

I emailed Tiffany at Blooming Words right away about doing a custom order. Her response time was so quick! It took Adam and I several days to narrow down the names of God of that we wanted to use for our ornaments. After we made our  final decision Tiffany and I ironed out all the details and I placed my order with her on Monday night. As in this last Monday night, Nov 1. My order was in my mailbox Thursday! I ran right out to Hobby Lobby and bought my ornaments!

Was it easy? Absolutely! I was really nervous about breaking the ornaments as I applied the names at first. I was nervous for nothing! I followed the directions on the Blooming Words website and applied the names to my first 6 ornaments! I love, love, love the way they turned out! I'm so excited for Christmas to come around so I can hang them on the tree!

Oh, did I mention something about a giveaway? Tiffany has kindly agreed to do a giveaway here! I am soooo excited! Y'all are going to love it! Stay tuned!

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These are awesome!