Thursday, November 4, 2010

Countdown Your Blessings

*Ahem!* I should not be making posts at near midnight while thinking I might could grab one of those coveted $18 mixers from Lowe's Black Friday event. Please forgive any typos, misspellings, and otherwise nonsensical writing!*

I've been working on this project since Monday night!

It might be my favorite project so far.
I love the Thanksgiving season! Now we can count down the days while counting our blessings with this cute little turkey advent calendar!

Thanksgiving always falls on a different date so I picked  to have 27 days on my calendar.  I appliqued the turkey & his feathers to the green fabric using wonder-under and just a regular ol stitch around the outside. The material used was remnants of fabric in my ever shrinking stash. The orange and paisley print were used to make my fall table runner, you can see it HERE.  I sew velcro to the green fabric and to the back of a strip of felt. Next,  I cut little squares of brown felt and back stitched the numbers. I cut the velcro strip to match each square and then whip stitched both squares together. I didn't want to leave the velcro as we counted down the days so I stitched up 27 more squares with the verse "In everything give thanks" and some leaves, one letter or leaf per square.

As we take down a number we'll but up a letter and will end up with a verse to remind us to be thankful in all things!

I used to pieces of green fabric to make the calendar. After I had the turkey appliqued and the velcro sewn on I sewed the two pieces right sides together. At the top I put felt loops to run my dowel rod through to help the calendar hang straight. I left about 6 inches open at the bottom and then turned the whole thing right side out and top stitched along the bottom to close up that hole. I cut my dowel rod to size and then drilled a hole on each end to run my cording through to hang. I stapled the cord to the underside of the dowel rod which you can't see because it hides nicely inside the felt loops.

Please forgive the sub par (not even that good!) pictures. I'll try to get better ones soon!

How do you count your blessings this Thanksgiving season?


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Kristy said...

Yay Becky! I just found your blog! I'm so excited to read it and get a little more insight into your craft projects and homeschooling and such...I'm always asking questions on facebook (but I'm kind of in and out on there anyway). I'm trying to get back into blogging more regularly also...stop by and see me there sometime! :)

becky bell said...

That is super cute! When do you have time to do all this sewing?!!!

Sassy Sites! said...

SO cute!! I love this calendar idea!! I'm your newest follower. Coming from Sassy Sites! ;)