Monday, November 22, 2010

Cookies that say Thanks!

Forgive me for not posting! I get really sad when I click on a blog that I follow and they've not posted in a while. Now I understand. Life gets busy!

Last week was an insanely busy week. We attended our first homeschool Thanksgiving Feast on Friday. It was amazing fun! Both girls were chatting nonstop for hours following the feast. Kennedy's favorite activity was Thanksgiving Bingo and her favorite food was macaroni and cheese. Aubrey's favorite activity was making butter (that was my favorite by the way) and her favorite food was jello. They also made  turkey fingerprint place cards, cornucopia collages, & Indian headbands and vests. For my part I made homemade mac-n-cheese using the recipe found in Kit's Friendship Book (a family favorite!) and seriously delicious sugar cookies.

I made my royal icing starting with 5 tbsps of meringue powder, a scant 1/2 cup of water and what was supposed to be 1 lb of powdered sugar, based on directions found at Only it was late, I was tired and not feeling well, and when I dumped in the last of the powdered sugar I realized why it was overflowing from my mixer and getting awfully, awfully clumpy -- I used an entire 2 lb bag. I added more water, I can't even tell you how much, until I had a mixture more closely resembling royal icing. I was terrified that I had ruined it! Much to my surprise the icing did harden overnight and the cookies looked amazing! And now to giveaway my secret cookie dough recipe .... I use this one from Good Housekeeping

Best rollout cookie recipe I've ever used.

Happy Thanksgiving Week!!

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Happy Home Fairy said...

These are beautiful - and that is my favorite verse. You are amazing! What a wonderful idea!