Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Plymouth Rocks

I finally got around to making Plymouth Rock cookies with the girls today using the recipe found at Almost Unschoolers.

They were really easy and fun to make. The recipe said that it would yield 8 cookies but we had 13. One for each of the original 13 colonies ~ we did that on purpose  it just worked out that way. Kennedy helped me form the rocks, I carved the date 1620 (Aubrey kept wanting me to put a 4 for her year), and then they baked at 375 for 8 minutes. Easy peasy. I then mixed up the glaze. The recipe said to use a drop of black food coloring and a drop of green. Well, apparently my green is pretty potent stuff because it looked way more green than gray. I added more black then more sugar/milk to lighten before coming up with a rock color.

The girls painted the glaze onto the rocks using my silicon basting brush. We let them dry and then everyone got to eat a rock!

The verdict ~ it was split 50/50. Kennedy and I didn't care for them. Adam and Aubrey loved them. They were very soft and cookie like, but really sweet. I might not add the almond extract next time. Taste aside, it was a really fun project! And for that reason alone we give it 2 thumbs up!

Tomorrow we're making pilgrim hats! And cranberry bread! Yay for Thanksgiving!

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