Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Letter G

I have been reading craft blog after sewing blog after cake blog nonstop lately! I mentioned Kari over at UCreate the other day in this post. I LOVE her blog! The other day I was getting out my fall decor (early I know - but I'm really wishing for some not near 100 degrees weather!) and I ran across this lovely idea for a wreath. I did not want to spend the time or the money on the gold leaf kit so I went with gold acrylic paint and I spruced up an old wreath. The letter is chip board and cost less than $2, the paint was 99 cents and the ribbon was $2 for 5 yards, I think I might have used half of that - maybe. I'm loving my wreath makeover!

Painted letter

Old wreath

New Wreath!

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