Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer Time, Summer Time, Good Ol Summer Time

You would never know by the near 100* days we've been having that summer is not offically here yet. My girls have already enjoyed many days in their little pool. Last night was hard evidence that summer has come and settled here in the valley.
We started pulling weeds in our flower beds after dinner last night. The storm earlier in the afternoon had cooled things down a bit and made it easier to pull the weeds from the semi-soft earth. At some point DD1 found a water gun and dutifully attacked all around. As I moved to the last flower bed I decided it was time to pull up the weed stopper carpet stuff that hasn't stopped one weed in the 3 years its been in the flower bed. Wow! That was tough. Not so much hard to do just hot!! Out came the water hose for what assured me the seasons had changed. Nothing says summer like drinking from the hose. You know the story doesn't end there, before it was all said and done we were all dripping and running around the front yard like we were 4 years old. Only one of us really is.

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