Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Dear Friend

Yesterday one of my dearest friends,Holly, was here and I was able to spend a few hours with her. In September of 2007 she left to serve on the mission field in South Africa with her husband. I have missed her so much and realized how true it is that you don't always know a good thing until it is gone. I knew she was good, great infact, but I never imagined I would miss her so much.
She is home for the summer, where ever home may be for her now. She was able to stop by here for a couple days to see who she could and I am so lucky to be one of the few! It was so good to see her at my backdoor yesterday! My girls were very excited to see her too but you would never know by the way they clammed up once she actually arrived. After she left their vigor was renewed and that is all they have talked about since. DD1 was really hoping to see my friend's cat, Dixie, but I had to explain, and explain again and again, that Dixie went somewhere else to live and we wouldn't be seeing her. Funny the things that stick out in their little minds.
Holly, of course, brought gifts for the girls. Barbie, renamed Jasmine, and My Little Pony, Horsey, haven't been left for much more than 5 minutes since about noon yesterday.
It was good to catch up with Holly and talk about life, something I really miss. Hopefully I will see her again before they go back to South Africa in August.

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