Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Don't Usually Shop on Tuesdays

But today it paid off. CVS was good to me but I will save that for Friday's CVS Superstars. I did well at the mall too but I won't go into that.
Crest Radiance
on sale for $7.99
- $3 WAGS coupon
- $3 manu coupon
Total OOP $2.37

I spent $35 (pre-tax) on $78 (pre-tax) worth of grocries and earned 8 tokens that I can cash in for a $25 BP gas card.

16 Yoplait yogurts
3 lbs grapes
3 lbs bananas
1 bag oranges
2 boxes sh vanilla wafers
6 boxes toastee tarts
2 bags sh cheese
2 12 pack diet dr pepper
1 5lb bag sh flour
1 jello pudding
1 mayfield ice cream
2 boxes totinos pizza rolls
2 potatoes

And I forgot to get a loaf of bread :(

I need to sit down and make out a menu ... that will be posted later!

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