Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A very happy mail day!

I love when good things come in the mail! I love it even more when there are not only good things but no bills either! That was what I found today. In my mailbox was a large yellow envelope, a check, a gift card and a magazine! Woo-hoo!
We'll work our way backwards:
The Magazine - No Greater Joy by Mike & Debi Pearl, I love to glean from their wisdom.
The Gift Card - $10 from one of my favorite stores because my birthday is just weeks away.
The Check - A $10 rebate from Kelloggs from the promotion they did at the beginning of school. By the way, I also got $15 in gift cards from Target during that same promotion for buying Kelloggs products!
The Yellow Envelope - A free book!! A Tip A Day with Ellie Kay It came from Moody Publishers. My super dh had heard about the promotion on Moody Radio and let me pick the book of my choice. The book is about how to save money. Not only on groceries, but clothes and utilities and more! I am excited to learn more money saving tips!

What came in your mailbox today?


Becky said...

Sounds like a great batch of mail. Ours has not come yet but my guess is a couple of political flyers and maybe a bill.

Becky said...

OK now its my turn to ask... Where did YOU go? Hope everything is alright and I see ya back soon :-)