Thursday, October 16, 2008

Let Them Eat Cake

Free cake. Not just free cake, but cake that I was paid $1.92 to take home! Seriously! Publix had "Meet The Managers" tonight and I was excited about going and meeting them because I am big on customer service. You took this piece of paper around & had each manager sign it and then you got to reach in a box and pull out a coupon. My coupon was for a free 8 inch cake. That cake up there was not what I was expecting but it is what I got. I handed the cashier my FREE coupon and she had a manager ring it up for her. There was this odd balance of 1.92 but then I realized it said -$1.92 and joked "oh, that means you owe me $1.92!" the manager said,"yes it does." and handed me $1.92. I was shocked and told her I was just joking but she said nope, that it would throw off the till so she handed me my money and my cake!
Today is a month exactly before my birthday. DH and I are celebrating tonight and watching "Faceing the Giants" while eating our free cake!

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Becky said...

LOL, that is so cool! Happy early birthday to you! I got a free cake recently too but it was because I was crying... perhaps I'll blog it.