Monday, December 1, 2008

Back to blogness ...

So I took an unexpected hiatus from blogging for the month of November. Not sure why really. I had actually thought about having my first ever giveaway and had planned it to correspond with my 100th post/birthday. But, that didn't happen. I'll work on a new give away in the future.
I'll have pics up soon of what has kept me so busy, in the mean time here is my trip to Publix yesterday. I saved $112 and spent $2.28 out of pocket. My total before coupons and a $25 gift card that I got for having a $5 presciption filled was $100.49! Best trip yet! Sorry I don't have a picture, I always remember as I'm putting away the last bag of groceries.

1 box kellogg's frosted flakes
1 box kellogg's special k
3 coffee mate creamers
1 loaf sara lee bread
4 cans spaghetti-os
4 cans ravioli
6 cans starkist tuna
1 pouch starkist tuna
10 martha white muffin mixes
4 knorr sides
2 bags publix chips
2 lbs bananas
2 boxes orville popcorn
1 publix cheese pizza
4 boxes quaker oatmeal to go bars
2 bags fresh express salad
1 box ziplock freezer bags
1 nesquik chocolate powder
2 kraft bbq sauce
1 gallon milk
4 glade candles
1 pack goody headbands
2 packs dixie paper plates
1 cover girl concealer
1 20 oz dr pepper

Store Coupons - $47.72
Vendor Coupons - $25.25
Advertised Special Savings - $34.24
Advantage Buy Savings - $5.69
Savings At Publix - $112.90

To see more Publix Super Savers visit Sarah at Fiddle Dee Dee

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Becky said...

Hey! I've been wondering about you. I know you checked in a while back but then you were gone with the wind. I can't believe how much you got for two bucks and some change... totally amazing... you ALWAYS totally amaze me!

Glad you are back and Happy Birthday!!!