Monday, October 27, 2008

Publix 10/27 (i heart publix)

I got a few things for free or very close!! My favorite freebie tonight was a pound of chicken tenders from the deli! Is it just my Publix or do all Publix do a banner item give away every 30 minutes? I actually remembered to sign up on my way in tonight and imagine my suprise when my name was called over the speakers! Have you had their chicken tenders?? YUM! They became part of a most excellant chicken salad for our dinner tonight!

2 bags Fresh Express Spring Mix (rain check BOGO, -2 q, $1 bag)
1 Publix Santa's White Christmas Ice Cream
1 dz Publix eggs
2 Promise Active Super Shots
1 24 pack Kraft Cheese (free b/c of pricing error)
3 bags Publix Potato Chips
2 boxes Betty Crocker Brownie Mix
4 boxes Publix Pasta Shells
2 boxes Huggies Clean Team Washcloths (free after publix q & manu q)
2 bottles Hidden Valley Ranch Ranch Dressing (rain check BOGO, -1.75 q, $.67 each)

1 bottle Publix finger nail polish remover
8 cans Campbell's Chunky Soup
4 cans Muir Glen Orgainic Tomato Sauce (33 cents,8cents can, after publix q & manu q)
1 bag Publix cotton balls
1 pack Huggies Wipes (free after publix q & manu q)
1 gallon Publix Milk
1 bottle Gerber Fruit Juice (free after publix q & manu q)
1 loaf Publix Bread (1 cent mystery item)

Store Coupons $21.41
Vendor Coupons $16.05
Advertised Specials $15.78
Advantage Buy $1.78

Total Out Of Pocket: $28.30

To see more Publix Super Savers visit Sarah at Fiddledeedee!

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Becky said...

I heart publix, too. LOL! I wish I new where one is. :-p