Friday, December 5, 2008

Ornaments & Traditions

Do you have any special holiday traditions? We make a birthday cake for Jesus, we count down the days til Christmas, we do the nativity story What God Wants For Christmas, & we've made it a point to be at our house for Christmas day. We've taken that last one a step further this year and have decided to just stay home this holiday season. Travelling is such a burden with kids in an already stressful time of the year so we've decided to lessen the load!

I mentioned last night that we have been making reindeer ornaments for the last several years, but beyond that, ornaments are a big deal to me! I love how opening the big box of Christmas decorations will bring back a flood of memories.

We try to remember to buy an ornament each year when we go on vacation. This one is from our honeymoon. We spent a week in Savannah/Tybee Island. It is one of my most favorite ornaments on our tree.

Other vacation ornaments include a big Hershey kiss that we got at the Hershey store when we went to Niagra Falls, a sand dollar with a snowman and a seashell made into a Christmas mouse from 2 differnt trips to Myrtle Beach, & a panda ornament from our trip back to Savannah/Atlanta for our fifth anniversary.

We also get a new ornament each year. The girls have first & second (even a third) christmas ornaments. Last year we picked out ornaments from different places that fit the personalities of the one getting the ornament. DD1 got ballet slippers, DD2 got a doggy ornament, DH bought me a starbucks ornament & we picked out a spiderman ornament for him. This year we each picked our own from Hallmark (several coupons helped lessen the expense of this splurge!). Here are pics of the girls' first Christmas ornaments.

This last ornament is one that I ordered last year for baby Joslyn, she still holds a place in our family (& on our tree) even though she is with Jesus. It is a silver cradle with her name & birthdate engraved.

What traditions does your family have?


Mc Allen said...

you tree is ust beautiful... Well we live in Ok but my inlaws live in MI. so every year we and our 4 girls trek 14 hours to be there at Christmads. 3 of my girls are older( 15 and 14 yo twins) and one of our traditions while we are in Mi. is they MUST go to the mall and sit on santa whilst I snap a pic... They hate it, but I tell them that when they have kids then they get to make the rules, hehehe!! Your family is precious! LA

Sandy Toes said...

Don't you just love ornaments??They are so fun and tell a story!! Very cute are yours!
-sandy toes

JenIG said...

that is very fun -- what neat memories for your kids, too.

We do a chocolate advent calendar. But it's tradition for us to always miss several days.