Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Why, yes, they are fake

Christmas is very quickly becoming my favorite holiday! Easter has long held the top spot because I love me some sweet tart chicks and everything is green and Jesus is risen, but I think the joy that comes from my children with every new thing we pull out of the box, the nativity scene, the ornaments, the little bear that plays jingle bells, might be what kicks Easter to second.
We bought a little fake tree a few years ago after Christmas at Target for like $2. Its gone up in the hall outside of the girls' rooms with all of their little homemade ornaments attached. I love that tree! Its so much fun to put up. The girls & I put that tree up today.
They helped fluff the branches,

DD1 put the top on,

they took a break while I strung the lights,

DD1 stood on her tip-toes (on a chair) to turn on the star,

and then they posed in front of their fully decorated tree!

It was great fun! All the while we had a children's christmas cd blaring in the background and we rocked to Frosty the Snowman and Rockin Around the Christmas Tree. Good times indeed!

This past Sunday we put up our family Christmas tree. I have always said I would have a real tree. I like going to look for them and the smell and all that. This year, however, Black Friday changed my mind. We bought our 7.5 ft prelit shute fir at Home Depot at 6 AM Friday morning for $50! I was excited. You can't even tell its not real. After stringing the lights on the small tree today I was all the more thankful to have a prelit to lessen the burden. It smells good, too. A few cleverly placed cinnamon scented pine cones work swell. Its my favorite Christmas tree out of all the ones we've had in 7 years!

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Becky said...

Everything is beautiful. I love the homemade tree. That handprint reindeer is adorable... I am definitely doing that craft. Great deal on the tree. Couldn't get a real one for that price.