Monday, May 9, 2011

Science Sunday {Butterflies and Birds}

Spring has brought a fresh appreciation for God's flying creatures! We moved on from birds to insects a while ago but the girls have loved watching all the birds that have been visiting our yard.
Sorry, for the lack of postings lately but life is pretty busy these days and that is a good thing. I hate that I didn't post as much as I wanted on our caterpillar/butterfly study. We found all kinds of caterpillars and impostors (army worms anyone? YUCK!) and we've had fun catching butterflies and identifying them. Our butterflies emerged during Holy Week. We released them on Easter Sunday. What a beautiful picture of a new life in Christ!

This spring I've had great success with a pot of pansies on our front porch. One day last week I noticed they looked a little droopy and messy. We were in the middle of all the tornado activity a little over a week ago (so very, very thankful that our home and family was spared any of the loss that so many in our area experienced) so I attributed the messy look to high winds. When I went to water the flowers I found a bird's nest in the middle. I gently removed it. The next day there was another bird's nest. Again, I gently removed it. I'm not sure why really other than I was trying to save my pansies! The next day there wasn't a nest but there were 2 eggs laying in the little hole that had been burrowed. Saturday evening the momma bird hopped into the flower pot. I was excited to get a look at it and was able to identify it as a sparrow! I'm so excited!! I don't think my flowers are going to live. Today the eggs were covered with flowers the bird had pulled off the stems. I can't wait to see the babies though!

Science Sunday


Ticia said...

How cool! That'll be fun to watch the babies grow up

Stef Layton said...

how fantastic! I would love to find a birds next w/ eggs!! Enjoy!