Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i can't remember ... am i 30 or 80

i've turned into such an old lady. what makes me happy?

working in my flower beds. these are pictures from spring, i guess i need new ones of the new flowers blooming.

Tulips planted the first fall we lived here. This is their 5th year to bloom!

Daffodils that came in a basket when Kennedy was born. They are dwarf daffodils and are 7 years old!

The weeping cherry tree that we planted for our baby Joslyn.

and sewing. i've been working on fabric yo-yos. i cut out 70 circles. i used the lid to my flour jar for a template. i'm still on the fence about what i want to create when i finish these but so far the process is fun and easy. i've finished 42 so far.

i love this picture. it reminds me of my great grandmother. she was a master quilter! she always had a stack of fabric sitting on the arm of her chair. she also had a super nifty scissor contraption that folded into itself. i wish i could find some. she'd piece quilts all day long. she pieced a quilt for each of my brothers and myself before she died for my mom to quilt and give to us as wedding gifts when the time came. i love, love, love the quilt she pieced for me! such a legacy! most of her fabric was remnants from the plant my grandmother worked for. you may have heard of it, medline. they make hospital gowns and scrubs. in fact, when haden was born one of my gowns was from the same material as part of my quilt. it made me happy. her sister was also a master quilter! she made a quilt for my oldest daughter who is named after my great grandmother. i love having these pieces to pass down! i'm also thankful that she passed the love of sewing on to me!

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hydeeannsews said...

i love the flowers and the sentiments behind them.

yo-yo's are so fun! can't wait to see what you make with them.

what a legacy you gma's quilts are. just priceless.