Monday, May 2, 2011

The Almost "Abby Tote"

A few weeks ago Hydee had a giveaway on her blog to help support Vanessa from V&Co. Not only did she award the winner with 2 V&Co patterns/tutorials of their choosing she gave each person who entered a pattern/tutorial of their choice! I chose the Abby Tote.

I'm terrible about reading and following directions. I had looked the tutorial over but didn't make any notes on how much fabric I would need. I saw new fabric from Waverly at JoAnn's a couple weeks ago and had it in my head that I wanted a green purse. After church Sunday I ran in to get some poly-fil to finish a pillow that I was working on (more on that later) but got distracted by the 50% off sale on the Waverly fabric. I saw the green that I had wanted but right next to it was a very bright, flowery one! I think it was called button flowers or something like that. I'm not overly observant. Even at 1/2 off the canvas was a bit pricey for me so I only bought 1/2 a yard. I thought that would be plenty for the Abby Tote. I also bought 1/2 a yard of coordinating blue linen for the lining and sash.

I get home, iron my fabric and pull up the tutorial to see that I need a yard and half of each fabric to complete the Abby. Hmmm, now what? I decided to just make due and follow the directions with what I had. And then I ended up not really following the directions. I can't figure out how to make my basting stitch pull and ruffle material. I can do it if I make the basting stitch by hand but not with my machine. So then I just sort of went out on a limb and made it up as I went with an idea that it would turn out like the Abby. 

I think I did a pretty good job. It is much smaller, which is ok because I wanted to use it for a purse. It isn't reversible, well I guess it could be. I added pockets to the inside and I changed up the loops a bit since my fabric tie wasn't as wide as it needed to be. However, I LOVE it! And I have a ton of fabric that I bought several weeks ago so I want to actually follow the tutorial and make THE Abby Tote for the winter.
Anyways, hop over and visit Hydee, she just made a huge announcement about her next project. And visit Vanessa and buy one of her fabulous tutorials! I love all the details and pictures! And then stop by Skip to My Lou and check out all the projects on Made By You Monday.

Without further ado, my Almost Abby Tote

On the loops I went back and sewed through them twice creating 3 loops in one so that my thinner bow would stay in place better.

Turned inside out so that you can get a better look at the pockets. A bigger pocket for holding my keys and such.

A little pen pocket so that I can always (well, one can hope) find my pen!

The other side has a cell phone pocket. I don't a have a big fancy phone so this little pocket is perfect.


Crystal said...

Soooo cute!

hydeeannsews said...

oh, i love your slenderized version! my first attempt might be slightly modified, too, since i bought the fabric before i ever got the pattern. wonderful improv on your part & darling fabrics. can't wait to see the "real" version, too. you're way ahead of me!