Monday, May 9, 2011

Hooded Towels

We are having a towel cleansing around here. When Adam and I got married 9 years ago (our anniversary was the day of the tornadoes. happy anniversary, babe!) we received a TON of towels. I'm thinking 30? Something very close to that. My mom told me "you can never have too many towels" so I didn't take any back. Maybe I should have.

The point. The point is we have too many towels and since there are so many towels household members often feel the need to use them all. At once. Time to condense -one towel per child.

I made Haden's towel facing the opposite direction of the girls'. I thought it was clever. Now I'm thinking I should have done it the same way. Thoughts?


hydeeannsews said...

no, i like the opposing effect. cute monograms.

we are in constant towel-washing mode around here too. it's never ending but we've gotten way past the towels we got for our wedding (16 yrs) so maybe just put the others away for when these are worn out?

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

i like it the way you made it. :)