Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm FALLing Behind

Aren't I funny? My husband just said no. =)

I have all these posts in my head that I am sure someone is just dying to read but I hardly turn my computer on anymore! I got an iPod about a month ago thanks to Swagbucks! Do you use Swagbucks? You should. I saved up $100 in Amazon credit (just since January of this year) thanks to Swagbucks so I used it towards the purchase of my iPod.

Search & Win

I take most pictures with the iPod now. Not quite the quality of my Nikon but very convenient.

A few updates.

First, the pumpkin patch. It's October. We're waiting on the Great Pumpkin but I'm pretty sure we must have been bad this year because our pumpkin patch is bare. Completely. Gone. Not even a vine is left. I don't know what happened. Maybe the driest summer ever combined with the wettest day ever. We'll try again next year.

Second, I am so close to the weight loss goal I set at the beginning of the year! I have lost almost 20 lbs since January and am 11.8 lbs from my goal weight. The goal date (31 lbs by my 31st birthday) is Nov 16, less than 4 weeks away! I've got to stay focused! I am competing in Shrinkvivor right now over at Shrinking Jeans! It is such a fun competition and it is really keeping me on target! We are currently in week 4 and thankfully I have avoided exile thus far! I would love to make it to the end!

Third, school. It's going. It was going really well but I think I am trying to do too much at once. I love history and science. I want to do them both. I am struggling with getting it all done though. I'm also trying to teach writing skills and handwriting and grammar all at the same time. And the Prairie Primer which more than likely requires more organization than I care for. And of course reading and math. And Bible. And all the fun holidays coming along. And music. And clearly, since I can't keep up with it all I'm trying to do to much but I want to get it all in and I want to enjoy it and more importantly, I want the girls to enjoy it all without feeling totally overwhelmed. And I feel like I am failing teaching reading to Kennedy. I wish it wasn't so hard for her. I want so much for her to be able to read the books I was reading in second grade. She is doing so much better and she longs to be able to read well. I wish it wasn't such a struggle for her. Now I'm crying. Moving on ...

Floors. We pulled the carpet up in our living room this last weekend. The guy we bought the house from who was remodeling it for his own family promised me the floors underneath the carpet were just as good as those throughout the rest of the house. Only he neglected to tell me that he didn't throw down any drop cloths when painting and that the beautiful floors were under a layer of paint.

 I'm not exactly sure how it has happened but my wrist is literally black and blue (and still swollen) from 3 days of scraping paint off the floor. We are kind of stuck at this point. There are still specks of paint all over the floor and there are 2 pretty bad places. The floor is pretty dull and definitely needs a new coat of polyurethane. I don't want to have to strip them completely because they aren't that bad but I'm afraid to try to redo them ourselves. However, the quotes we are getting are all in the neighborhood of $1,000. Way more than we have or were planning to spend on the floors. If anyone has redone floors and has any advice PLEASE share!

Lastly, it's fall. And cold. =( I miss summer. It is going to be a long winter! But that means yummy food like white chicken chili! I will post my sister-in-law's recipe tomorrow!

And one more thing. The new Casting Crowns cd, Come To The Well -- AMAZING!!! Love it! Love it! Love it! I bought Adam The Well by Mark Hall a few weeks ago as an "I'm thinking about you" gift. I recommend it strongly, too!

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