Monday, March 7, 2011

Exploring Saint Patrick's Day Through Our Senses

We started off our lesson by reading Usborne's How Your Senses Work and then from our reading list read  Saint Patrick's Day in the Morning by Eve Bunting, pieces of Shamrocks, harps, and shillelaghs  by Edna Barth, and Harp o'gold by  Teresa Bateman. We learned out messages are sent from your eyes to your brain, or from your hands to your brain. As we read the stories the girls pointed out when different senses were used.

I made a Saint Patrick's Day Senses chart inspired by one I saw on Enchanted Learning.  The girls marked off the appropriate box for each item with star stickers.


We watched some Riverdance videos on youtube and then they spent the afternoon making up their own dances while listening to Celtic music on Pandora. For dinner we had traditional Irish Soda Bread made with this recipe. It was really good!

It kind of looks like a brain, or cauliflower but it was yummy!

We also had baked potatoes and bbq chicken.

The girls had a blast using all five senses to explore Saint Patrick's Day!

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