Monday, March 9, 2009



2 Trips netted me:
4 packs of 34 count Huggies Diapers
3 bags of Huggies Wipes
4 boxes of Colgate toothpaste (one was a bonus pack, bonus!)
2 Garnier mousses

I used 4 $5 off Huggies qs, 3 $3 off Huggies qs, 4 $1 off Colgate qs, 2 $1 off Garnier qs, 4 $2.50 WAGS cogate qs, 2 $2.50 off garnier q's.
Total OOP: $35 dollars & some change.
But I got 2 $10 Register Rewards and you will LOVE how I used those later!

1 9 lb bag Southern Home Charcol
1 can southern home lighter fluid
2 ALL laundry detergant with bleach
1 24 pack southern home bottled water
1 carolina pride beef hot dogs
1 southern home hot dog buns
1 sargento parmesan cheese

Total OOP: $17 and change. The best deals were the ALL ($1.19 each) & the cheese was 65 cents, I believe.


Trip A
2 boxes of Nature Valley granola bars
2 boxes of Chex Mix bars
3 2 liters of Publix Pop
1 canteloup
4 bottle of Ocean Spray Juice
1 pack Publix cookies (penny item)
Total OOP $9 and some change

Trip B
approximately 13 lbs boneless/skinless chicken breast @ 1.99 lb
2 bottle cover girl nail polish
1 pack Publix cookies (penny item)
Total OOP $6.98!!!!!!!

How you ask? I used those 2 $10 RR from Walgreens!!! I read every detail on the RR. It is not a "Walgreens" coupon, it is a manufacturer's coupon. Kimberly Clark gave me that coupon for buying their products. So I went to the self checkout just to see if it would work. They both scanned no problems. Publix can send them and in and get their money back!

To see more Publix Super Savers visit Fiddledeedee.

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Becky said...

Once again you leave me speechless... but luckily I can still type ;-)

I'll take those diapers (size 5)
Girl you make shopping an art form.