Sunday, March 22, 2009

Publix 3/22/09

3/4 lb fried chicken tenders (put in the salad for our lunch today)
1 lb+ ground beef
1 roll Publix paper towels (penny item)
2 17 lb bags Kingsford Charcoal
4 cartons Tropicana 50 OJ
2 4packs Yoplait YoPlus yogurt
6 boxes Quaker cereal bars
2 bags Fresh Express Salad
1 bag radishes
2 Snuggle fabric softeners
2 Publix reusable shopping bags (free with cereal purchases)
2 boxes Banana Nut Cheerios (rain check)
2 boxes Cookie Crisp (rain check)

Total OOP: $29.27
Total before tax, $24.48, total savings $71.91 for a savings of 66%

I need to go back and get a raincheck for the TGI Friday's frozen dinners, I forgot about that while I was there.
There is a $1 printable coupon for the OJ here
sign up to get it. that makes it $1.89 for 2 cartons of OJ.

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Bink said...


Thank you so much for the Tropicana link!! I haven't seen it before and I was bummed that I only had one coupon (from the Sunday paper)...

Great shopping trip!