Monday, September 19, 2011

Back to School, Back to School

We've been back to schooling for a while now. April and August are probably the busiest months of my year and some times it spills over into the following months. I had lots of 'back to school' things planned to do with the kids but I either forget or we haven't had time to get it in. I wanted to do first day pictures, but things happened. I even have the outfits but it may be too chilly to use them now. I have little gifts for the girls that I wanted to have sitting on the school table on their first official day back but they are still in the top of my closet ... I only remember them at bedtime. I want to make stepping stones with the girls hand prints like we did last year. I bought the stuff back in the summer so I would be prepared but the stuff is still in the Hobby Lobby bag.

So here is a quick catch up of the things we've been doing. In August we started the Little House series and read Little House in the Big Woods. I decided to try working through the Prairie Primer I ordered it from eBay and it took a very long time to get so we are trying to quickly work through some of the activities for the first book but I think we'll wrap it up by the end of this month and start fresh with Farmer Boy. Our first activity was to make Snow Candy using molasses. It was a flop. I think we burned it even though I took it off the eye as soon as it hit hard crack stage. If it happens to snow again this winter the way it did last winter then we'll try it again.

Ready to start!

1 cup molasses, 1 cup brown sugar

Not nearly as attractive as I imagine the Ingalls' would have been!

The general consensus!!
More catching up later ... blogger isn't being nice about pictures =)

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hydeeannsews said...

oh, that's funny! i've been reading "big woods" to my two littlest girls, too. didn't know about the prarie primer. i'll have to check it out.

keep up the good work. i know how it is to want to do so much and have to let a lot of it go. in the long run, i'm sure you'll be happy with what you've done and you're accomplishing a lot. good luck!