Sunday, December 12, 2010

Advent, how I've failed thee!

 I said on Thursday that I had not been feeling well. I am the sickest I can ever remember being in my life! I have battled a fever that will not go away and a terrible cough since Thursday. Thankfully, that fever is hanging around 100 today and the scale had good news for me this morning, too! Since I haven't felt like eating since Thursday I have lost the final 7 pounds I needed to get back to pre-pregnancy weight!

Anyways, I haven't even thought about Advent other than the guilty feelings of not being able to do it. The girls asked this morning how many days there were until Christmas and I really didn't know. I'm even going to miss our church Christmas program tonight. =(

Besides my being sick, my husband was laid off from his job on Friday. How's that for a Christmas bonus?? We are really not sure what happens from here, but we are confident (and this really isn't trite at all) that this is for the best. Our girls don't know that Daddy no longer has a job. Should we tell them? With the little bit of snow we are having today plus the cold temps it wouldn't be at all unusual for Adam to be home from work tomorrow so I don't think they'll even notice that he is here.

Ideas? Opinions?

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Winnie Spann said...

Becky - When we were in your situation in 2009 we gave only as much information as needed at the time. We never actually had the "Daddy doesn't have a job" talk. We acted normally and when Jack would ask why Jake was home we would say that he was able to do that right now and it was a blessing for us. We reminded him that all we need comes from the Lord and that the Lord was providing for us. That seemed to satisfy an inquisitive mind and the 6 months (although seemed long to us) was short in Jack's mind. He was sad when Jake had to be gone from home on a regular basis again for his new job!