Monday, August 10, 2009

Show & Tell Monday: ISO

I'm participating in Show & Tell Monday thanks to Melissa who is graciously teaching us how to get out of that automatic setting on the camera! This week's lesson was on ISO.

I like learning how to do this! I didn't practice much this week but I did do one photoshoot of a beautiful moonrise. I have, however, been working on changing the light settings. It is amazing how much better the pic looks when I adjust from sunny to incandescent. I love learning how to do this! It may not look like it is paying off, but I am having fun just the same!

Picture 1:

On this one the ISO was 460, f/stop 5 and set on sunny ... the color wasn't right so I did some tweaking.

Picture 2:

On this one the ISO was 200, f/stop 5 but I changed the setting to cloudy. The color was perfect.

Picture 3:

ISO 800, f/stop 5 It was getting dark really fast so the color is accurate again. I loved getting these night shots without using the flash!

Just to prove that I am learning something here are some macro shots of flowers from our flower beds.


Melissa Stover said...

that last shot of the moon is great! i love the macro of the leaf with water droplets!

deb said...

These are stunning, I'm so behind, but truly inspired!

Beth said...

Beautiful! I absolutely LOVE your moon shots....I'll have to try this. I didn't even think of night shots as a way to use ISO to the fullest, can you tell I'm learning, too? Your garden shots are so pretty, too. Close-ups are stunning. The leaf one is my fav too!


becky bell said...

Great shots!!!