Friday, August 14, 2009

Homeschooling Week 1

DD1 started kindergarten this week! She is beside herself with the thought that school has started and she is finally in kindergarten (telling me everyday that she is,in fact, ready for the first grade)! My schedule (term used *very* loosely!) looks a little like this.
Bible using a devotion from God's Little Princess Devotional Bible
Reading which is 20 minutes of Hooked on Phonics
BFIAR Its technically too young for DD, but we've never finished the book and I'm actually only using the curriculum as a guide. This week we read Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear and talked about dressing appropriately for the weather, patterns, size comparisons, etc .. something different for each day of the week. Today, our science lesson was (slightly derived) from the story. More on that later.

The week went well and what I love about homeschooling is that I can do it whenever during the day that is convenient. I also like that,unlike the scene transpiring next door, there were no tears from a screaming five year old in the front yard this morning and dragging of said five year old to the car so that they could go start kindergarten! Yeah, it was easy this week but I know it won't always be.

On to the fun stuff ... Is there really a man in the moon and how did he get there? I'm glad you asked. Actually, the man in the moon is not a man, but a bunch of holes, now termed craters, in the moon that look like a smiling man from way down here on earth. Now, how exactly did those craters get there? Is the moon really made of swiss cheese? Nope, not cheese. In fact, those holes came from trash, now debris, floating in space that hits the dusty moon. Wanna see?

Here is our debris ..

I was supposed to use a ping pong ball and not a wiffle ball but since i don't have a ping pong ball .... anyways, @ this point we talked about size - bigger and smaller, heavier and lighter, wider and skinnier - and which ones we thought would make bigger or deeper holes. Here I pointed out that just because the wiffle ball was the biggest didn't mean it would necessarily make the deepest hole. We dropped the balls on round one from 1 foot (math!) into a pie plate filled with flour.

Next we observed what the balls had done. Then we smoothed the flour out and dropped them from two feet, paying more attention to the dust cloud that it created.

After we had finished making all of our observations and cleaning up the mess DD "journaled" her observations.

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