Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dirty Laundry

This started as a Facebook post and then I remembered I have a blog!

So, I have a laundry question.... how do you keep up? Would it be bad to wash everyone's clothes from that day every night? Is that a crazy thought? Because I cannot keep up.
Once, like a month and a half ago, I was all caught up because an amazing friend came over and helped me fold all of my laundry but the next day I was behind AGAIN! It never ends. 

The sheets. 
The towels. 
The clothes. 
The clothes that aren't even dirty but ended up in the laundry.
The sheets again (bc pull-ups don't hold nothin').
More towels.
More clothes.

I have been trying to tackle this thing for years. Last year I thought the key was everyone having their own hamper and clean clothes basket. That way the girls' clothes weren't all jumbled together, my clothes didn't get washed with Adam's smelly work socks, etc. It worked for about a second. The clothes get washed, get dried, get piled. And when we need the space where the pile is it gets piled somewhere else. 

So what do you do? Do you have a day set aside for nothing but laundry? Do you assign different days to different categories of laundry? 


Maggie Hall said...

This is a battle for me too. I try to keep it to a three basket system. One for the kids dirties, one for grown up dirties and one for the clean, folded clothes to be put away.
Typically, I consider it a good day if not all three are full at once.:)

bran said...

I don't have any good secrets, but I hardly ever get behind on laundry. Every morning everyone brings their laundry from their basket to the room and it's sorted (along with the leftover sorted that I didn't have enough to make loads with the day before) and then I put a load in first thing pretty much every morning with the basket that is the most full. Not sure how this would work if you can't keeps sorted baskets in the laundry room. Unless maybe you got one of those laundry sorter rolling bins and kept it in your room. I have 4 sorting baskets: whites, hot wash, cold wash, and towels. We do about 3 loads per day. It's one kids chore to fold them everyday...and everyone better come get their pile before it gets kicked and knocked all over the living room!