Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Caterpillars are Growing!

Remember these tiny guys?

Look at them now! We've had them for five days. This is such a fun process to watch!

Yesterday we read Waiting for Wings and Bonjour, Butterfly. 

Today we spent more time learning about butterfly eggs, painted lady eggs in particular.

We read Arabella Miller's Tiny Caterpillar and read some from the DK book Butterflies and Moths and from Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day. We learned the most however from the DK book. It was very interesting to learn how different butterflies lay their eggs.

I think our favorite was the Lackey moth who lays her eggs in a ring around a twig so that it looks like part of the plant. There are also pictures showing how the Owl butterfly larva grows within it's egg and then gnaws away and pulls itself from the egg. Since he is really hungry each caterpillar then eats it's own egg!

We're having so much fun exploring God's creation!

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Hannah said...

I'm not gonna lie. They creep me out a little bit. But I'm glad you're enjoying them so much!