Monday, February 28, 2011


I took an impromptu hiatus from blogging for the month of February.

We had what will hopefully be our last snow day at the beginning of the month.

We rode the train to the top of the mountain to enjoy the snow!

We were busy making boxes for our Valentine's party.

Then we had a crazy change in the weather and it has been gorgeous so we've spent a lot of time outside.

We took a very spur of the moment trip to Texas. Appropriately, we saw where John F Kennedy was shot on President's Day.

The X marks the first shot

Another X marks the second shot

The sixth floor, right most window is where Lee Harvey Oswald fired from and killed JFK.
 I've been working on our March lesson plans. We'll be studying Saint Patrick's Day, Ireland, & rainbows and do some spring time planting.

How was your February? What are your plans for March?

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Theresa said...

Your girls are beautiful!

I've set the goal of planning more field trips and getting out more in March...I feel like we've been cooped up all winter!!