Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hopping Along

We've continued our bunny theme this week.
Yesterday the library took care of things for me by reading bunny books (how did they know that's what we were learning about) and even made a nice little bunny papersack puppet. The girls' really enjoyed that!
Today was more fun. We, and literally I mean we, read Bunny Rabbit Rebus. It was neat for the girls to "read" along with me and they both felt mighty important.
Tonight I cooked up a new-to-me Rachael Ray recipe, pecan crusted chicken with tangy maple dressing. I put a slight twist on it by wrapping the chicken with lettuce. It was pretty yummy.
Following our dinner I pulled out another rebus, the Bunny Salad Rebus.
The girls followed the directions and made pear rabbits. They gobbled it all up except for the cottage cheese tail (don't they know it is totally improper to have cottage cheese on one's tail??) but who can blame them?


Becky said...

super cute pear bunnies... I'll eat the tails ;-)

becky bell said...

Cute bunny pears!