Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Day of Ballet

Biz-zee ... that is what we have been. Much to catch up on but I'll take it a day at time. Here, for your viewing pleasure are pics from the first day back at ballet. The oldest is really in ballet, the youngest just thinks she is.


chickadee said...

the fact that she has her doll all decked out too is precious!

Becky said...

Hello fellow Becky. :-) I followed you here from Chickadees blog. I love meeting other beckys but this is spooky... My last post has the exact same title as yours here. WEIRD! I also love bargain shopping... the Goodwill and Salvation Army is where I do my Christmas shopping... well at least for the kids.

It was nice to meet you, I will enjoy reading about your bargain adventures.